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About Dr. Saperstein
About Dr. Saperstein
About Dr Chad

Dr. Saperstein is a Clinical Psychotherapist Psy.D. who has a vast array of training from various treatment modalities, including, humanistic-existentialism, cognitive and behavioral modalities along with psychodynamic training. 

Dr. Saperstein earned his doctorate degree from The Center for Humanistic Studies (now The Michigan School of Professional Psychology) in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology. He has his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University and a Specialist Degree in Clinical Psychology and Education. Dr Saperstein has facilitated groups on sexual abuse, codependency and conducted training for foster care parents.

email: info@drchadsaperstein.com 
Doctoral Dissertation & Research
Dissertation: "The Experience of Being an Enabler in a Co-Dependent Relationship"

Thesis"What is the Experience of Being with Somebody who Suffers from Mental Illness"